Saturday, October 11, 2008

Return of the Exiles

The highlight of the summer here was not a dramatic peace action, but something much more homely: moving back into Quaker House.
"Exile" in this case was a house across town, to which we moved in mid-April, so that extensive renovations could begin on Quaker House. And in late July, we returned.
The pre-renovation house is shown here, upper left, with the old (very leaky) roof and blue-grey paint job.

Having to pack up completely and move out, then completely move back in, all in the space of five months, was a traumatic experience for me as a resident and staffer. I’m immensely grateful to the dedicated board members and friendly volunteers who helped to make it possible.

The renovations, long overdue, were aimed at fixing many neglected problems, such as dangerously obsolete wiring, foundation work, new coats of paint inside and out. The overall goal was to get the house in shape for another generation or more of service for peace.
The "New" house, with its organic (and watertight) cedar shingle roof, and the new deep green paint, is below.

The work was made possible by generous gifts from many donors, and again to all of you we say THANK YOU, and pledge that your investment will yield strong returns of continued witness and service.

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